Learning to be Sinners - Together

He who is alone with his sin is utterly alone. In spite of corporate worship, times of prayer, fellowship, and even ministry together, many Christians are still left to their loneliness. Although the Christian fellowship generally shares fellowship as believers and as devout people, the truth of the matter is that we have not learned how to have fellowship with each other as the undevout and as sinners. Because we don’t know how to be sinners together, the final breakthrough to real fellowship does not occur. The pious, "saintly" fellowship does not permit a person to be a sinner. Instead, everyone hides his sin from himself to some extent, but he especially hides it from the fellowship.

The Community of the Church

In my last post, I spoke of the superficialities of our post-modern culture and the breakdown in true community. Of course, the breakdown of relationship started long before the Industrial Revolution. It started all the way back in the earliest days of mankind, when we first turned from God in disbelief, distrust and rebellion. The despair in much of our culture comes from the unraveling of human relationships in the context of an already dissevered relationship with God. It is hell as described by CS Lewis at the beginning of The Great Divorce: growing and spreading isolation from each other while ever apart from God. In light of that, the community that is the Church should be the doub

Ghosts in the Machine

We are ghosts in the machine. We inhabit a soft reality. Call it the way of the world in the wake of modernism – or Post-modernism. It’s the way we connect with people without really connecting with anyone. Facebook friends. I see only that part of you that you want me to see. Maybe I just let you see the me I want to be. Groups of acquaintances in roughly the same place all talking to other people on cell phones. Better yet, texting others. Joggers or walkers with iPod buds planted firmly in both ears. I hear only what I want to hear. Did you see the movie Avatar? The phrase “I see you” was used throughout to mean a connection of soul, an interpenetration of personhood—a knowing o

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