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Always On: Life in the Fishbowl

Did you know that you are on mission? Your life, and my life, and every person’s life is bearing witness to what we believe to be necessary or most important for life. Our lives are constantly testifying to what we value most. You could even put that this way: each of our lives is serving the mission of our god – whatever that god may be….

We all worship something. We all serve some highest ideal that we think makes life worth living or makes life better or gives us more control or power or influence or acceptance or sense of worth. And because we all worship something, we are all on mission. It may be a quiet, behind-the-scenes mission, or it may be front and center for all to see. But our priorities, our energies, our monies, our time, even our words and deeds flow toward our center, our ultimate whatever, our god. Our lives, whether we realize it or not, are on mission to serve our god.

If we get right down to brass tacks, our lives serve multiple competing deities. Sometimes it’s work and success, sometimes family and security, sometimes it’s good old fashioned money and control, at other times its pleasure and comfort, and sometimes it’s the Lord Jesus Christ. With God’s help, the hope for us all is that what is becoming more and more true in the world is becoming more and more true in our hearts – the kingdoms of this world, the kingdoms of our hearts, are more and more becoming the domain under the rule of Christ. As the psalmist prayed, we should pray – Unite my heart that I may fear your Name. (Give me an undivided heart O Lord)

So we are always on display, always advancing our highest good. Whose mission are you on today? The world's or the mission of Jesus Christ...?


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