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The Clergy

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Married to Joy for over 30 years.  Still intoxicated with her love.  Five outrageously wonderful (grown) children.  Grandfather of the cutest little guy ever.  In ordained ministry for 20 years.  Love family, friends, books, good beer, well-turned phrases, and seeing lives transformed.

Came to Christ by way of an uncle's prayer, a friend's invitation, a well-aimed sermon, the music of Keith Green, and a gaggle of coincidences that weren't really coincidences at all.


Priest Associate

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Rich currently lives in North Charleston, but he has ministered in the Charleston area in various capacities for many years.
Born in Savannah, GA, and raised in Charlotte, NC, Rich felt called to Christian ministry in 9th grade.  Since 1988 he has served in Presbyterian, Methodist, Baptist, Non- Denominational, and now Anglican churches. 
Ordained to the Anglican priesthood in January of 2013, Rich is now using his life experiences and gifts to encourage others in their Christian faith and inspire them to the greater things of Christ.  Rich has two sons.  Griffin (32), and Oliver (14).

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